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Property Transfer Cost Calculator

What does it cost to sell your house?  What does it cost to buy a house?

Our Bond and Transfer Cost Calculator will help you work out extra costs associated with the purchasing a house.

Bond Repayment Calculator

You need to know the monthly cost of a bond to understand the economics of buying a house.

Our Bond Repayment Calculator will help you work out how much your bond will cost you every month.

GCM Legal Wiki

Within these pages, you will find an abundance of information that can be used as a Legal Wiki / Glossary / Dictionary and can provide an insight into the South Africa Legal system.

Client Documentation

On this page, you will find documentation that GCM Legal clients are often required to agree to so we can begin helping them.

Acts and Legislation

At GCM legal we like to give you access to as much information as possible.  This information can help you understand your legal position or to generally be better informed.

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